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# Build It! Buying Hardware and Software

Buying Hardware and Software

  • What You Need in a Computer System (Mac or PC)

    A start-up web publisher faces many computing hardware choices. You could buy a single powerful computer to handle your writing, coding and designing needs, but it probably makes more sense to have several computers. Each can serve different functions as your site grows.

  • Digital Cameras

    If you’re encouraging readers to submit photos, your community reporters will need a digital camera to snap photos of local stories and events.  We advise against using a film camera. There are many reasons to shoot with film, but the speed and flexibility of digital cameras make them ideal for a fast-paced community news site.

  • Software Solutions

    A computer without software is like a kitchen without pots and pans. To run a community media site, you'll need several types of software. We’ll suggest some first-class industry standards in each category, then point out more basic alternatives that might also fit your needs.

  • Backing Up

    To avoid losing all your hard work in a random hard-drive crash, it's important to make copies of all your important files. In computing, these are generally known as "backups."

  • Audio Recording Equipment

    Just like photography, digital technology has changed forever the practice of audio recording. Options stretch from dirt cheap to very high-end.