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# Build It! Web Pages

Web Pages

  • Using Adobe Dreamweaver

    Many different programs let you create and edit web pages. They offer some advantages over coding pages in HTML:

    • They let you place photos and text exactly where you want them to go.
    • They let you see what your pages will look like as you edit them.
    • They apply a uniform look to all your site’s pages.
  • Creating an HTML page

    Now that you have defined a site, you should create a web page to upload as a test.

  • Advanced Dreamweaver Techniques

    One advantage of using a program like Dreamweaver - as opposed to a simple text editor - is that it has some built-in functions that make complicated web page effects quite simple to implement. In this section you learn about image maps, Library items, and templates.

  • Behaviors

    Many interactive features on web pages are produced by integrating small programming scripts into your HTML code. These are usually created using a programming language called JavaScript. JavaScript is significantly more difficult to learn than HTML, but it's well within the reach of anyone who already has some programming skills. Before you run out to buy a JavaScript book, however, take a look at the JavaScript functions that are integrated into Dreamweaver.