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# Present It! Animation


  • Getting Familiar with SWiSHmax

    Macromedia Flash is the weapon of choice for serious interactive animators, but the outstanding application SWiSHmax may be a better choice for those who need to get the job done with a minimum of fuss –  or for those who like its $99.95 price tag better than Macromedia Flash’s $699.95.

    Note: While SWiSHmax offers many of the same functions as Flash, the menus differ greatly, so these sections do not serve as a proper Flash guide. For help with Flash, check out the tutorial that Jane Stevens wrote for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism website.


  • Applying Effects in SWiSHmax

    There are more than 300 effects you can apply to objects in your movie. Some of these are quite simple – zooms and fades – and others are fun, pre-designed effects you’ll enjoy applying.

  • Creating Buttons with SWiSHmax

    Many animations are created around interactivity, and the most common interface to begin an animation or cause an action is a button. In this section we look at how to create a button in SWiSHmax.

  • Saving an SWF using SWiSHmax

    Once you have created an animation you want to use on a Web page, you need to export an SWF file from SWiSHmax. SWF is the format supported by Web browsers that can be placed into any HTML page.