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# Present It! Blogs


  • Understanding Blogs

    Blogs, or web logs, are hot these days — among journalists, citizens, even CEOs. News organizations and freelance journalists are finding blogs to be a great way to encourage interaction with readers and to elicit immediate comments on the day’s news.

  • Writing and Editing a Blog

    Writing a blog isn’t rocket science, but it also may not be quite as easy as it looks. A successful blog’s conversational style either comes naturally or it doesn’t. So does that sense of what topics will hit the mark with the blog’s audience.

  • Choosing Blog Software

    There are many software options available for blogging. First, you must determine where the blog should live: Hosted or Installed.

  • Managing Blog Comments

    Blogs come with their own set of problems. You can expect to have to deal with comment spam, Trackback spam and trolls.