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# Present It! Video


  • How to Shoot Video for the Web

    As you set about shooting video, you may want to consider hiring an expert if you don’t already have one in-house. With patience and creativity, a novice videographer can shoot like a professional, but you must invest the time to develop the expertise. If your budget permits, hire a freelance journalist with videography experience. If it doesn’t, get excited about learning a new set of skills and having some fun.

  • Using Adobe Premiere

    In the next sections, you will get a look at digitizing and editing video using Adobe Premiere Pro, which includes most of the editing tools you need and has good integration with digital video — the best type of video for the web. The ideas and concepts you learn here should be adaptable to most video-editing software. You can download and try both Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements for 30 days from the Adobe website.

  • Editing Video

    Importing other file types, and handling transitions.

  • Adding and Editing Audio

    If you want to bring in music or a voiceover, you have some choices. You can import music from a CD or from a digital file on your computer. You can record a voiceover using audio editing software, or you can simply record your voiceover onto the video camera and capture it in the same way you capture video clips.

  • Adding Titles and Other Graphics

    Titles are often text elements overlaid on black video or actual video. You can use a title to place the title of the clip on the screen or to add names, locations or credits.

  • Delivering Video Online

    Video on the web has one major problem: video files are huge. Delivering large video files online is a problem because people can’t download them quickly enough to make them usable. There are two possible ways to handle this issue.