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# Promote It! Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and Marketing

  • Advertising Your Site

    Just because you've built a wonderful new website doesn't mean visitors will automatically find it. Even before you launch, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to attract visitors - first-time users and repeat customers, content consumers and content creators, sponsors and advertisers. The bulk of your site’s popularity will depend on how well you promote it and how well you let people know when it’s refilled with fresh content. (For information about selling ads for your site, please see Sales, Fundraising and E-commerce.)

  • Viral Marketing

    What we once called "word of mouth" has given rise to something known as "viral marketing." Viral marketing is more than simply hoping your most ardent supporters will mention your site as they go about their lives. Viral marketing is a marketing message that is attached to or part of the normal use of your site (or more generally, your product) by its readers.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS is an efficient way to get information quickly from the web. Basically, it drives information from the web directly to readers instead of forcing those readers to surf a list of bookmarked sites. Think of it as the difference between subscribing to a magazine and going out each month to buy that magazine at a newsstand.

  • Getting and Giving Links

    Current thinking on when to provide links recommends adding as many outside links as are appropriate for the content you’re providing. This is a significant reversal from the linking theories of the web's early years, when many news sites adopted policies of rarely linking to external sites.