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# Promote It! Law and Ethics

Law and Ethics

  • Deep Linking

    It’s common practice nowadays, with aggregation sites popping up all over the web to direct traffic to other sites. In fact, there’s even a movement called “link journalism” (see the Wikipedia entry on "Collaborative Journalism") that is all about deep linking.

  • Copyright and Attribution

    Copyright is a tricky idea, and there are many overarching legal battles going on relating to copyright and the Internet.  It’s natural to be a little confused about it.

  • Online Libel Issues

    Quality publications build solid reputations on competent factual reporting and sage editorials. Losing your footing on these foundations for even one paragraph can expose you to legal liability and a loss of credibility. The resignations of top editors at the New York Times after reporter Jayson Blair fabricated information in stories demonstrate that no publication is immune to the consequences of poor reporting.