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# Promote It! Sales_Fundraising_and_E-commerce

Sales, Fundraising and E-commerce

  • Putting Ads on Your Site

    Now that you're an Internet publisher, you may look at advertising in an entirely different light from when you were just an Internet user. Users are seldom big fans of ads. But as a publisher, you not only want to draw readers for your content, you also may need to raise money to keep your operations going. Let’s take a look at the various types and uses of advertising online.

  • Identifying Revenue and Sales Opportunities

    As you plan for the launch of your site, you should think about how you are going to keep it going once it gets off the ground. You'll need funds to pay for such things as your web hosting service, software, telephones and equipment. You also may want to pay someone to edit your site and help solicit writers. Support for these costs can come from a number of sources including selling advertising, selling subscriptions, soliciting sponsors or donors, seeking grants, holding fundraising events, and even selling some content, such as photos.

  • Selling Advertising

    Advertising is one of the most common ways to raise money. To sell ads, however, you have to identify potential advertisers, establish prices, and establish guidelines for content. Selling ads may also mean you need a sales representative or sales staff.

  • Maintaining Ethics and Standards

    Whether you’re just trying to make enough to cover your hosting costs or building your website as a full-time business, money talks. Even those who start out with the best intentions can be led astray by the lure of a big ad buy.